Cold Storage Wallets

Everything you need to know about Cold Storage Wallets.

cold storage Wallet

Cold Storage

Cold storage refers to wallets that are not connected to the Internet. These can be written Seeds & Private Keys in form of a paper (Paper W.), a Cryptosteel Seed Memory, a coin with embossed Private Key e.g. from MyFirstBitcoin, or a Hardware Wallet.

The paper wallet is not resistant to environmental influences, it can be destroyed by water or fire. A seed storage made of stainless steel, such as the Cryptosteel is resistant to possible environmental influences, it can also be sealed with a lock. In order to send credit to the wallet, it is necessary to read the seed into a software wallet so that it can derive an address. The hardware wallet is very expensive and is not resistant to water & fire, the device must also be charged with electricity or connected to the computer by means of a cable, whereby there is a risk of damaging the USB port if handled carelessly. A particularly elegant solution is the MyFirstBitcoin Wallet coin, which is explained in more detail in the following section.

MyfirstBitcoin Cold Wallet Münze

A physical coin made of Nordic Gold or Silver, which serves as a wallet to store the valuable Bitcoins for a longer period of time. The coin is handcrafted for maximum corrosion protection, fire resistance, scratch resistance, water resistance and long finger protection. Because even if a thief steals the coin, he does not have the password (BIP38 password protected private key) with which the private key is encrypted! The password is given when ordering, the manufacturers of this coin do not have access to their password at any time. The Privatekey is sealed on the reverse side of the coin with a sticker with the corresponding address as QR code. Further seals are included in the scope of delivery.
Additionally there are Bitcoin in the value of 10€ on the coin!
On the website of MyFirstBitcoin you will find all further information.
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